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Space Systems Software

CU Aerospace has the capability to plan and analyze space missions.

Space systems for defense, commercial, and civilian applications are undergoing massive reconfiguration. The utilization of space by the Air Force is seen as a force multiplier in an era of reduced ground and air forces. Commercial space applications, primarily in communications, are on the verge of enormous growth, and NASA's development of space missions for studying the earth environment, the solar system, and the universe is viable although not growing as rapidly.

The need for new, highly efficient space systems will increase somewhat over the next several years, leading to more satellite systems and constellations in a variety of low earth orbits (LEO), medium earth orbits (MEO), and geo-stationary earth orbits (GEO).

CU Aerospace operates and in some instances licenses software for use in the aerospace industry. Proprietary computer software that can be used to solve practical spacecraft trajectory optimization problems that include high-thrust and low-thrust propulsion systems has been developed.

CUA is currently developing three significant software packages: Non-Linear Parallel Optimization (NLPAROPT), CUA OpenMP Nonlinear Optimization Tool (COMPNOT), and the Dynamically Leveraged Automated N-multibody (DyLAN) Trajectory Optimization Tool.