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Space Propulsion

Small-Satellite / CubeSat Propulsion

CU Aerospace develops complete, high-performance, and compact small-satellite propulsion solutions.  The propulsion units come fully integrated with all necessary propulsion subsystems, including microcontroller, power processing unit, propellant valves, heaters, sensors, and software.  Units are software-configurable to operate over a wide range of power, thrust, and impulse levels.  System set-points, system status, and firing telemetry are all accessible and configurable through an RS422 serial interface.  Propulsion units may be customized to meet customer specific mission requirements.

solar Sails

CU Aerospace has designed and built CubeSail, a system of 2x1.5U CubeSat satellites which is highly scalable. This project was selected to receive NASA CubeSat Launch Initiative support from NASA’s Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate.

For more detailed information about CubeSail and its mission click here.