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Purchase Genetic Algorithm

CU Aerospace's Fortran coded (f77) genetic algorithm (GA) Front-End Driver Code is available for purchase*.

  • D. L. Carroll's newest version 1.7.1 incorporates his "securGA."
  • The securGA provides faster optimization on many applications.

For companies wishing to link this GA driver with an existing code and desiring consultation services, please contact us via email. Regardless, we suggest altering this code as little as possible to make future updates easier to incorporate.

Cost includes access to the above source code and limited technical support. Upgrades are presently free.

A free, lower functionality version 1.7.0 of D. L. Carroll's GA driver is available for trial.

Only very limited support is provided for the free version.

*These codes are Copyrighted by David L. Carroll; these codes may not be reproduced for sale or for use in part of another code for sale without the expressed written permission of David L. Carroll.


  • Standard Price: US $50
  • Educational Price: US $30

Purchasing Options

Check/Purchase Order

Make check or purchase order payable to "CU Aerospace." Payment must be in U.S. dollars.

Send to:

CU Aerospace
301 North Neil Street, Suite 400
Champaign, IL 61820 U.S.A.


We accept payment through Paypal.

Please make payment to the address

Please indicate in what fashion you would like to receive the source code.

If by email, please provide your email address. If by CD, please provide your mailing address.