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D.L. Carroll, J.T. Verdeyen, D.M. King, J.W. Zimmerman, J.K. Laystrom, B.S. Woodard, K. Kittell, N. Richardson, M.J. Kushner, W.C. Solomon, "Measurement of positive gain on the 1315 nm transition of atomic iodine pumped by O2(1Delta) produced in an electric discharge," Applied Physics Letters, , , , 23 August 2004, , Vol. 85, No. 8, pp. 1320-1322, DOI , (2004)

D.L. Carroll, J.T. Verdeyen, D.M. King, G.F. Benavides, B.S. Woodard, K. Kittell, W.C. Solomon, W.T. Rawlins, S.J. Davis, W.J. Kessler, "Preliminary yield measurements in the ElectriCOIL system," , Proceedings of the Gas and Chemical Lasers and Applications IV Conference, San Jose, California, 26 January 2004, SPIE, Vol. 5334, No. , pp. 79-87, DOI , (2004)

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