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CU Aerospace offers both standardized and custom propulsion systems for CubeSats and other small-satellites. Propulsion services further include mission planning, production, testing, integration, and post-delivery support.
The THERMOSYS 4 Toolbox for MATLAB/Simulink® is a suite of simulation tools for analyzing the behavior of air-conditioning and refrigeration systems (both steady-state and time-dependent).
The BLAZE Multiphysics Simulation Suite was developed for the rapid and efficient construction of parallel, high-order computational models for analysis of systems dependent upon laminar and turbulent fluid-dynamic, plasma-dynamic, electrodynamic, chemical kinetic, thermal, and optical physics using any modern computational platform.
VascTech Microvascular Composites is being commercialized by CU Aerospace and has been expanded from high strength fibers to include sacrificial extruded sheets and filament for 3D printers.
CU Aerospace offers experienced engineering services with a very diverse range of capability. In addition to our core areas of expertise (spacecraft propulsion/software, plasmadynamic devices, astrodynamics, high energy lasers, modeling and simulation, and advanced materials), during our 21-year history we have also successfully tackled problems in controls and software toolbox development, among other technologies.