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The Partners


Michael Bragg // Partner

Subsonic Aerodynamics Lab

Dr. Michael Bragg leads the division of Aircraft Safety at the Subsonic Aerodynamics Lab.


Rodney Burton // Partner

Electric Propulsion Lab

Dr. Rodney Burton leads the division of Space Propulsion at the Electric Propulsion Lab in Talbot Lab.


David Carroll // President

CU Aerospace

Dr. Carroll is the President of CUA and is one of the founding partners.


Victoria Coverstone // Partner

Computational Astrodynamics Lab

Dr. Victoria Coverstone leads the division of Space Systems Software at the Computational Astrodynamics Lab.


Darren King // Senior Engineer / Laboratory Manager

Advanced Diagnostics Lab

Darren is a partner and Senior Engineer at CUA and has worked for the company since 1999. He graduated from Illinois with an M.S. in AE in 1999.


Chris Mangun // Director of Advanced Materials

Autonomic Healing Lab

Chris is the Director of Advanced Materials at CUA; he has worked here since 2008. He graduated with his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at Illinois in 1996.


Wayne Solomon // Chairman

CU Aerospace

Dr. Solomon is the Chairman and one of the founding partners of CUA. He is also Professor Emeritus and former Department Head in AE at Illinois.


Joseph Zimmerman // Senior Scientist

CU Aerospace

Joseph is a partner and Senior Scientist at CUA and received his Ph.D. in October 2010 in AE at Illinois. He has worked with CUA since 2002 and leads the company’s plasmadynamics programs.